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  1. steverino commented on The Knight Life 3 days ago

    There’s a lawyer glut— don’t want that, either. Medical is where it’s at, with all the boomers aging out and everyone being able to actually get healthcare (someday). I’ve been telling my 10-yo grandniece that: I have no kids of my own, and I need someone to change my diapers in 30 years!

  2. steverino commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 4 days ago

    This is a web-only strip, and Pab posts it directly himself; so he can just roll out of bed in the morning, slap something together, and voila!
    …and by the results, sometimes I suspect he does just that.

  3. steverino commented on The Knight Life 10 days ago

    These are better than “Cute Things My Kids Say” strips!

    Unfortunately native English-speakers don’t do much better; “tow the line”, and so on. I just finished a history of the Roman Empire, so, serious-ish, and in Chapter One the author used “for all intensive purposes.” Curiously, just a few pages earlier, he did use “for all intents and purposes,” go figure.

  4. steverino commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 10 days ago

    Commercials… good one!

  5. steverino commented on Non Sequitur 10 days ago

    I used to keep a spare key in the handy pocket in my wallet. Nowadays the keys are so huge and with the electronics, they don’t fit. I do keep it on a separate ring, but that’s just because I hate to have them all jangling while I drive.

  6. steverino commented on Cul de Sac 10 days ago

    Note that each panel is freshly drawn; no photocopies here! Good for you, Richard!

  7. steverino commented on Doonesbury 11 days ago

    Old Tanners never die, they just fade…

  8. steverino commented on Peanuts Begins 11 days ago

    One of my favorite moments was a few years ago, when my grand-nieces were visiting. I finished the Sunday comics and tossed them to the eldest (6/7-ish at the time) without comment, and she took them, without comment. A routine thing, reading, no big deal.

    Now she has an iPod, so all bets are off for a few years.

  9. steverino commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 12 days ago

    Harper Lee is alive and kickin’. Or so SHE says:


  10. steverino commented on The Knight Life 14 days ago

    When I was growing up in North Jersey, it was specifically the “George Washington Bridge”.