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  1. nboady commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn 4 days ago

    So, you’re saying that it’s going to stay reruns until the end of March? Or even longer? If so, it might be smarter to just drop the strip from the daily reads and come back in a few months to see what it looks like at that point.

  2. nboady commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn 5 days ago

    We’ve now had one month’s worth of continuing colored reruns. There have only been 18 new strips in 2015. It’s starting to feel like a SpongeBob SquarePants rerun hell.

  3. nboady commented on PreTeena 7 days ago

    Yeah, this is a 2005 strip that was reran in 2007 (the current time frame). We don’t get back into the “real” 2007 strips until next week.

  4. nboady commented on PreTeena 8 days ago

    The copyright looks like could be 2002 (although this doesn’t show up in the 2002 strips). The current run is from 2007 so it’s possible that this was a repeat. The upcoming strips are a repeat from 2005 (which were rerun in 2007) so reruns did happen in the original run of the comic.

  5. nboady commented on Monty 8 days ago

    Yep — you’re right. I missed that on the document. No Air Force officer is going to be using army documents.

  6. nboady commented on Barney & Clyde 9 days ago

    Ms Fox doesn’t have the glamorous hair, botoxed lips or sport the big cleavage that these women do. I imagine that Lucretia likes Ms Fox just the way she is.

  7. nboady commented on PreTeena 10 days ago

    The story arc ends tomorrow.

  8. nboady commented on Monty 10 days ago

    Because nothing so far has said that these men are in the army. Just because Marvel’s Hulk fought the army doesn’t mean that MontyHulk will do the same.

  9. nboady commented on PreTeena 13 days ago

    My favorite video of O Fortuna.

  10. nboady commented on Heart of the City 19 days ago

    If you believe the nut-bar conspiracy theories.