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  1. foofinho commented on Reality Check 5 days ago

    X is right there at the top!

  2. foofinho commented on Over the Hedge 7 days ago

    I’m sure RJ will float now!

  3. foofinho commented on Speed Bump 7 days ago

    The gin joint at the end of the universe?

  4. foofinho commented on Tom Toles 17 days ago

    According to the law, the insurance company must spend 80% of the premium on costs or it get refunded. By law, they cannot take advantage of the situation and blame the government.

    “The Affordable Care Act requires BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee to issue a rebate to you if BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee does not spend at least 80% of the premiums it receives on health care services, such as doctors and hospital bills, and activities to improve health care quality, such as efforts to improve patient safety”

  5. foofinho commented on Frank & Ernest 18 days ago

    and the travel agent had to get away…

  6. foofinho commented on Frank & Ernest 21 days ago

    The bass section was drinking heavily during the concert of Beethoven’s 9th symphony. When it was near the end, two of them passed out.

    It was the bottom of the 9th, the basses were loaded and there were two out!

  7. foofinho commented on Over the Hedge 23 days ago


  8. foofinho commented on Stone Soup 24 days ago

    I remember being 15 or so, filling my plate, clearing my plate, filling my plate again, my dad saying “You don’t need to eat so much!”, me replying “Yes, I do!” and clearing the plate the second time. Followed by double helpings of dessert.
    Those were the days!

  9. foofinho commented on Tom Toles 24 days ago

    TIme to raise the tax on gasoline to pay for infrastructure improvements and to reduce the incentive to drive.

  10. foofinho commented on Ted Rall 29 days ago

    Someone has to be accountable for all of the previous accumulated debt. Just as long as it isn’t me! Let the next generation suffer and figure out what to do.