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  1. ewalnut commented on F Minus 7 days ago

    Make Mr. Suit drink a glass of it and ask him again.

  2. ewalnut commented on Rose is Rose 8 days ago

    Why is that a surprise?
    Doesn’t Pasquale always get A’s?

  3. ewalnut commented on Calvin and Hobbes 10 days ago

    Dried prunes… yummm…
    What happens afterwards… EUGGGHHH!!!

  4. ewalnut commented on Dilbert Classics 16 days ago

    I had to look up “trellis code modulation” to see if it was a real thing… and it is…
    I don’t think Dilbert should be punished for mentioning it though. Some conversations deserve to be stopped as soon as possible.

  5. ewalnut commented on Rose is Rose 16 days ago

    Should have given it to Vicki.

  6. ewalnut commented on Basic Instructions 18 days ago

    My brother used to be able to solve the Rubik’s Cube while I couldn’t. One day I took it apart and put it back together into an unsolvable configuration before giving it to him to solve. Eventually he figured out what I’d done, but not before a bit of puzzlement.

  7. ewalnut commented on For Better or For Worse 19 days ago

    Does Elly have dental hygienist training?

  8. ewalnut commented on FoxTrot 23 days ago

    I had one of these Stapelia plants when I was a kid.
    I’d known it had a bud on it, but it opened overnight and the first time I saw it in full bloom, its size and odor startled me. It really did smell like carrion and it had a very lewd and vile appearance with all those hairs. I don’t imagine a florist would sell one of those, but you might find one in a shop that sells cactus-like plants.

  9. ewalnut commented on For Better or For Worse 25 days ago

    The only time I did that was unintentionally — when the washing machine hose burst. Big mess that.

  10. ewalnut commented on JumpStart 25 days ago

    I don’t remember seeing the brother called “Moose” before. I had to look him up on the Wikipedia. Apparently his real name is “Carl.” I don’t know how “Carl” got turned into “Moose.”