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  1. Philip Kelly commented on Random Acts of Nancy about 2 hours ago

    Someone came over to “mow his wife’s lawn” whether she likes it or not. It was a simpler time back then.

  2. Philip Kelly commented on Thatababy about 3 hours ago

    And that’s why daddy caught a beating from the guys in the kitchen the last time we came here.

  3. Philip Kelly commented on Dick Tracy about 3 hours ago

    You ever notice that the policemen featured in the hall of fame have careers of under 20 years. Presumably after that they retire, in their thirties, early forties, I guess? After that, they draw a pension for 30 to 40 years. No wonder local governments all over the USA are facing bankruptcy.

  4. Philip Kelly commented on Speed Bump 1 day ago

    A tin-foil hat is an old trope from sci-fi where the hat is worn to keep someone/something from reading your thoughts of controlling your mind. It would be funnier if it was a tin-foil dog cone. Pretty funny as it is.

  5. Philip Kelly commented on Scary Gary 1 day ago

    Satan is not real masculine. I would be concerned. Maybe that is why Leopold placed the cooler where he did.

  6. Philip Kelly commented on Thatababy 1 day ago

    I won’t be reading any more. The danger was the appeal. Goodbye.

  7. Philip Kelly commented on Andy Capp 2 days ago

    Maybe Andy wouldn’t drink so much if his wife would be more supportive and not say such hurtful things about him.

  8. Philip Kelly commented on The Argyle Sweater 2 days ago

    I’ll cheer when this one becomes a reality.

  9. Philip Kelly commented on The Daily Drawing 4 days ago

    He’s waffling. Surely you have heard that term applied to politicians.

  10. Philip Kelly commented on Shoe 4 days ago

    There are many good reasons to not watch Kevin Bacon movies, but the chief reason is that Kevin Bacon is in the movies.