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  1. jz27wk commented on Garfield 3 days ago

    Obviously it was a bad diet. No lasagna in sight,,,,

  2. jz27wk commented on Gasoline Alley 11 days ago

    Walt should have known that. Isn’t he old enough to have been on that boat?

  3. jz27wk commented on Garfield 11 days ago

    IS the mouse’s name by any chance “Calvin”? Garf is the right color to play his “Hobbies”.

  4. jz27wk commented on Dick Tracy 18 days ago

    “I looked i the mirror and I was not there. Should I be concerned?”

    Yes. It appears that you have a defected mirror and need to get it repaired.

  5. jz27wk commented on Brewster Rockit 30 days ago

    Mistaking the ref’s penalty whistle for the end of the game, all the aliens left one minute into the game. Four plays later Brewster got his first touchdown.

  6. jz27wk commented on Gasoline Alley about 1 month ago

    Keep eating like that and the stomach will not longer fit in the “genes”.

  7. jz27wk commented on Brewster Rockit about 1 month ago

    Actually it was the snowman who used the 33 degrees. We have no idea what is the accepted temperature scale on the snowman planet.

  8. jz27wk commented on Garfield about 1 month ago

    This one belongs in the Calvin and Hobbes snowman gallery.

  9. jz27wk commented on Dick Tracy 2 months ago

    My two youngest sisters with both scheduled to be born on Christmas, but one was a little early and the other a little late. But they still ended up as “Merry Christmas” and “Christmas Carol”. The joys of being born in December….

  10. jz27wk commented on Rip Haywire 2 months ago

    Love the matching outfits.